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Contact Captain Wayne to schedule training or with questions regarding course, certifications, and how to best achieve your sailing goals.

Or contact Capt. Wayne directly:

Phone: (972) 533-0129


Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

4 Easy Steps to Start Sail Training

Start by discussing your sailing goals with Captain Wayne

Contact Captain Wayne above to discuss your sailing goals, past training and experience – so that Captain Joe can tailor the training to you.

Begin the NauticEd online knowledge-theory courses immediately!

Online knowledge-theory courses have been proven in education and business to be more effective than traditional means, and NauticEd’s online courses are best-in-class in sailing. A big advantage is that you can begin immediately, giving you more time to prepare and most importantly more time to train practical sailing skills with Captain Wayne.

On-the-water training

Captain Wayne’s on-the-water training is focused on the application of knowledge-theory and skills building. The training is unique in that Captain Wayne only works with up to 3 students at once (typically 1-2), which gives each student not only personalized attention but hands-on sailing experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Assessment & Certification

Certification is optional and includes a thorough assessment of the students skills, safety and overall competence for each level – using a Rubrics system that keeps the assessment transparent and objective. Typically Captain Wayne assesses during the training and while instructing, but students can request to be assessed separately for any certification.