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Meet Captain Wayne

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Captain Wayne grew up in south Louisiana and started sailing at the young age of 10.  He was introduced to sailing by his uncle who raced on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  After many years of sailing, he and his wife Carrie took formal sailing lessons.  It wasn’t until he retired from the corporate life in Dallas that he started his next passion, teaching sailing.  With no hesitation, he and Carrie moved to Saint Petersburg, Fl to continue his love of instructing and their love of sailing.  They have taken numerous charters to the British Virgin Islands, not only to teach and captain, but for pleasure also.  Captain Wayne believes in the hands on teaching method.  In other words, he will show you how to do it, then let you do it until you can master it.  Being instructed by Captain Wayne is always fun and relaxing, that is why he has so many returning students.

Captain Wayne also loves to teach new boat owners on their boat so they can learn the ins and outs of their boat’s specifics.

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain
NauticEd Approved Instructor
American National Standards - SAIL
International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC)
Transformational Instructor Course Graduate
First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified

Training & Certification

Capt. Wayne’s training is unique in that he focuses on helping you achieve your personal sailing goals. Training is limited to at most 3 students, meaning that each student receives instruction needed to become competent – tailored to each students goals and past experience.

NauticEd - 21st Century Sailing EducationWe partner with NauticEd because of NauticEd’s commitment to U.S. and International standards as well as a shared training philosophy that’s focused on student goals and competency – gained from knowledge, skills, and experience. With best-of-class multimedia online courses, professional sailing relationships around the world, and standards that exceed USGC requirements: we partnered with NauticEd to offer our students the best resources and global community available in modern sailing.

4 Easy Steps to Sail Training

Start by discussing your sailing goals with Captain Wayne

Contact Captain Wayne to discuss your sailing goals, past training and experience – so that Captain Wayne can tailor the training to you.

Begin the NauticEd online knowledge-theory courses immediately!

Online knowledge-theory courses have been proven in education and business to be more effective than traditional means, and NauticEd’s online courses are best-in-class in sailing. A big advantage is that you can begin immediately, giving you more time to prepare and most importantly more time to train practical sailing skills with Captain Wayne.

On-the-water training

Captain  Wayne’s on-the-water training is focused on the application of knowledge-theory and skills building.  The training is unique in that Captain Wayne only works with up to 3 students at once (typically 1-2), which gives each student not only personalized attention but hands-on sailing experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Assessment & Certification

Certification is optional and includes a thorough assessment of the students skills, safety and overall competence for each level – using a Rubrics system that keeps the assessment transparent and objective. Typically Captain Joe assesses during the training and while instructing, but students can request to be assessed separately for any certification.