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NauticEd’s mission is to educate and train competent sailors. Sailing competence requires a mix of knowledge, skills and experience. Once achieved, competence means a sailor will keep the crew safe, have more fun, and be empowered with the confidence to sail beyond visible horizons and personal boundaries. NauticEd programs exceed all U.S. and international recreational sailing standards. NauticEd courses conform to U.S. Coast Guard EDU-3, NASBLA verified third-party assessment, and exceed United Nations (UNE) Resolution 40 competence standards. Learn more about NauticEd »

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Sail Training Courses & Certifications

We are thrilled to offer our students a variety of on-the-water training courses taken in concert with NauticEd online training. Our only question for you is, what do you want to learn? Captain Wayne focuses his learn to sail and large sailboat/bareboat charter in the following areas.

Large Sailboat Courses, Bareboat Courses and Catamaran Courses

Sailing large sailboats, whether a bareboat charter on a sailing vacation or sailing your own large boat, near coastal and for multiple days requires many skills beyond local sailing. Captain Wayne offers comprehensive training to prepare you to sail and charter anywhere in the world on keelboats and luxurious sailing catamarans. Optionally, Wayne can assess you for the International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC) – accepted by Port Authorities worldwide.

Contact Captain Wayne to discuss how to qualify for large sailboats or a bareboat charter on a sailing vacation.

Large Keelboat Sailing

Knowledge & skills for longer distance and overnight sailing in diverse conditions. A comprehensive sailing course for beginner to intermediate sailors wanting to learn how to sail larger sailboats 26ft to 56ft. While many sailing skills and principles are universal, sailing larger sailboats requires additional training and skills to handle the increased power, speed, and weight; as well as the myriad of helm, engine and system options.

Usually 3 days

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Bareboat Charter Master

A Bareboat Charter Master is someone who knows their stuff inside and out. Leading your friends and family on coastal waters for multiple days on a sailing vacation is where you need mastery of knowledge, skills and systems. Our Bareboat Charter Master sailing certification requires meaningful experience, comprehensive online course work, on-the-water training and a demonstration of your practical sailing skills.

Usually 3 days

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Catamaran Endorsement

Catamaran Sailing Course

If you ever want to skipper a catamaran for yourself or on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean, Pacific, Mediterranean, or elsewhere: you’ll need to learn how to handle a double-hulled vessel. When you Skipper your own Catamaran, you’ll enjoy more comfort, stability of two hulls, speed (Cats are faster!), and dual engine maneuverability along with the freedom to explore your own paths on your own schedule.

Usually 2 days

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Certification & Standards

NauticEd is the leading international and fastest growing North American sailing and boating education company with a mission to educate and train competent sailors. NauticEd is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as conforming to the American National Standard for sailing training and assessment. NauticEd’s sailing license exceeds the United Nations (UNE) resolution 40 ICC competence standards for yacht charter and is accepted by port authorities worldwide.

American National Standards

In 2017, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) developed the American National Standards (EDU-3) for sailing training and assessment in an effort to increase the competence of new sailors. To date, NauticEd is the only global sailing education body to be recognized as meeting these high standards by ensuring competence across the board with comprehensive theory knowledge, on-the-water skills assessment, and an appropriate amount of on-the-water experience prior to certification.

International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC)

NauticEd International Sailing License & Credentials SLC

The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is recognized by worldwide port authorities and yacht charter companies as the North American equivalent to the United Nations ICC sailing license. Requirements include a practical assessment of competence by a NauticEd American National Standards sailing instructor.

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Learn all about NauticEd courses, certifications and more.

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